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How Wrapolé® tortillas came to be...

In 1995, Ellen and Miguel stood in their local supermarket and had a half-baked idea. LITERALLY! "Let's make a great tasting flour tortilla!" After two years of experimenting in their kitchen to create the right recipe, Wrapolé® gourmet tortillas were born. Thus taking a half-baked idea, turning it into a fully baked perfection. Wrapolé® tortillas are made with the finest ingredients, and cooked to perfection - ensuring great taste - every time. Spice up any dish or leftover in seconds with Wrapolé® Tortillas - the fun and delicious (delicioso!) way to turn any mealtime into a fiesta. AH, MACHAYA! Enjoy.

About Miguel and Ellen Libfeld...

Miguel Libfeld, President - Miguel has over twenty years experience in the food industry. He earned his M.S. from Rutgers University, MBA from University of Dallas and a B.S. from Tel Aviv University. His expertise is in flavor/seasonings and food product development.

Ellen Libfeld, Vice President - Ellen has an extensive background in sales, marketing, human resources management and training. She earned her MBA from New York Institute of Technology, MS from C.W. Post College and a B.A. from Monmouth College.

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